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Wörther See



I have been taking my Changers for quite some time now. Thanks to this solution which is individually tailored to me, my needs, and concerns, I can now actively shape my own life by taking them. And the most important thing - they have actually helped me. Through conscious use, I have permanently achieved more peace of mind and self-love in my everyday life and thus significantly increased my quality of life.




I named my Changers "YOLO" (you only live once) because they were meant to help me maintain a certain amount of composure in situations I can't change.
In the beginning, I didn't even look at the can. Then it happened almost automatically that I started taking the Changers quite sporadically and eventually on a regular basis.
They helped me to consistently pause and reflect on my behavior, and the mere fact that I ate the wafer printed with my target image and felt much better afterwards made me realize that the solution to every problem lies in me and in my behavior.

Alles auf dem Weg.jpeg


Senior Engineer

Eine anhaltende psychische Belastung hat mich so weit verändert, dass ich nicht mehr wirklich in der Lage war, neue Perspektiven für mich zu erkennen und zu nutzen. Es fiel mir schwer, mich emotional auf meine Familie einzulassen. Ich wollte gelassener sein und mich wieder auf Dinge einlassen können, die ich mir verboten habe. Mir fehlte mein Selbstwertgefühl. Durch das für mich designte factum est (frei übersetzt - es ist vollbracht) habe ich eine starke Unterstützung gefunden, die mir die Möglichkeiten gibt, meinen Blick zu schärfen und zu erkennen, dass es für mich immer einen Weg gibt.

Auf und davon



I have been using Changers for a long time and am very impressed. The Changers, which I developed individually with my coach, have brought about a rapid and lasting change in me. I was able to let go of long-standing patterns of behavior. I can breathe freely again and work creatively, doubts have disappeared, I have gained new strength, security, and love of life. I feel more relaxed and balanced. This is a great way to change, so simple and so effective.




Changers have changed the way I see myself and my life. While before the coaching I would not have been able to say the words "I love myself - the way I am - and I am a wonderful person", the Changers remind me again and again of my self-love and that I am allowed and able to stand up for myself and my needs.




My very personal Changers have supported me in recharging my energy storage and strengthening my EmoPower®. Now I can pick up again where I had to stop for a longer period of time due to my illness. With my Changers I have my most important need in the palm of my hand several times a day. Self-maintenance at its best.




Im stressigen Alltag zwischen Beruf, Schule, Arbeit, Kinder sowie Partnerschaft und der mit der Pandemie mitgebrachten Umstände wie Homeoffice und Homeschooling sollte ich als Mutter regelmäßig in mich gehen und durchatmen. Ich bin kein Typ für Yogaübungen und Meditieren, da ich wahrscheinlich dazu nicht die Ruhe finde. Daher sind die auf mich programmierten ‘Stabilos’ die optimale Lösung, um mich als die Persönlichkeit, die ich eigentlich bin, jederzeit wiederzufinden.

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