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About Us

For over 20 years, Frederic has been focusing on solution-focused communication and effective ways to help people. In 2019, his experience led to the idea of promoting change processes by regularly connecting with your individual, positive target image and literally ingesting it. The first 'image-based autosuggestive ingestion-vaccination' was born.


Frederic & Andreas

Frederic is a psychologist, founder of the ILK training institute and works as a lecturer as well as a psychologist in private practice.


One of his first clients with whom he used this intervention was Andreas. Andreas holds a degree in economics, is a systemic coach and works in his main job in process management and organizational development at the Caritas Association.


They met during Andreas' own coaching session. The Changers were used during the joint coaching - with resounding success. The effect was so convincing that Andreas approached Frederic a few months after the end of the training and suggested that the Changers principle be made available to other people as well - an idea Frederic had been harboring for a while.

In 2020, they founded mind-changers. With mind-changers, they hope to support colleagues (counselors, therapists and coaches) as well as people in involved in their self-directed transformational work.

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